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War of the Spark Mythic Edition: The Massacre Girl of Customer Satisfaction – Cardboard Collector

War of the Spark Mythic Edition: The Massacre Girl of Customer Satisfaction

Well, seems like WOTC has done it again- another botched attempt at a smooth delivery of a mythic edition Timmy Box product. I took some screenshots as the whole thing unfolded-

Prior to the sale, Wizards announced there would only be 12,000 boxes sold- with the addition of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Jace, the Mind Sculptor (two powerful planeswalkers that are not standard legal but command a high price for Modern players), it was sure to be a hit:

I got my order in at 12:03PM Pacific Time. Ebay showed about 3,500 out of 12,000 boxes sold at that time.

I thought all was well, but checking back about an hour after the sale had started, eBay showed they had blown WAY past the 12,000 mark. In fact, eBay reported 31,735 boxes sold in 1 hour!

Looks like somebody has been modifying the quantity available…

Prominent YouTuber Rudy the Magic Guy reported WAR Mythic was now a “print to demand” (later turned out to be inaccurate information)

Twitter and Reddit started raging… One item screenshot shows 42,836 (!!!) boxes sold…

… Eventually settling down to 4,365 sold a few hours later.

Looks like WOTC and eBay are going to be figuring this out for the next couple weeks. The final word is they will not be printing anymore than 12,000 and will refund the overorders: